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23th Canoe polo BreizhCup
19 and 20 september 2020

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23th Canoe Polo Breizh Cup 2020 (Entry Form )

Venue : Base Nautique de la Motte – Acigné (35) - France
Date : 19 and 20 september 2020

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A few words from the chairman of the Canoe Club of Acigné :

The Canoe Club of Acigné will be pleased to welcome you to this international event : the 2020 Canoe Polo Breizh Cup. After the successful European‘s clubs championships finals in 2001 and 2005, and the fantastic 2018 and 2019 edition in which 50 teams competed on six pitches, we have decided to organize the 2020 Breizh Cup the 19th & 20th september.
Very close to Rennes (10km), Acigné is a little town where everybody practice sport and Canoe Polo is a speciality. Our Canoe Club take place on the Vilaine's river in a lovely place. Since 23 years now, we are broughting out our town with the organisation of great international events, so we want to do our best to welcoming you and your team for this great meeting of Canoe Polo people.

The Canoe Club of Acigne is looking forward to welcome you on that occasion and invite you to discover or rediscover our beautiful region.


Contact : Canoë Kayak Club Acigné
Base Nautique de la Motte, 35690 ACIGNE
Tel : +33 (0)2 99 62 50 51
Mobile : 06 74 45 32 11
Email : club@ckcacigne.com ou breizhcup@ckcacigne.com